Casey Affleck Confronts Sexual Harassment Allegations

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He may have won an Academy Award despite the sexual harassment allegations against him, but Casey Affleck says the #MeToo movement has scared him.

The actor sat down with Dax Shepard for the most recent episode of Shepard’s “Armchair Expert” podcast and reflected on the fallout of the accusations that he verbally and physically harassed two women on the set of the hoax Joaquin Phoenix documentary, “I’m Still Here.”

“I can’t imagine who would not be supportive of the Me Too movement,” he said in support of the Me Too movement. Affleck is currently on the promotion train for his new film, which takes place in a world where women don’t exist.
“But it’s very, very hard to talk about and it scares me, mostly because the values of the Me Too movement are values that are at the heart of my being, just the way I was raised.”

The Academy Award winner has denied all allegations against him but did settle the suits for undisclosed amounts with both women signing nondisclosure agreements. He has, however, since apologized for not creating a professional atmosphere as the director of “I’m Still Here,” admitting that there was a “ton of partying” on set.

“It was a big mess and it’s not something I would do again,” he said of making the film. “I would be way smarter, more sensible, more sensitive to it being a workplace if I were to try to do this again.”

Despite the attention surrounding the allegations against him during his successful Oscar bid, Affleck hasn’t felt any backlash when it comes to his professional career. In fact, he has continued to find work, while remaining relatively tight-lipped about the backlash against him.

Author: B.J. Mims

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