DIY Wedding Donut Tree

Bella Breakdown

Looking for unique decorations for your wedding or even a party? This DIY donut tree is the answer. Follow these simple directions to get the perfect donut tree!

Start by melting one package of white chocolate, one package of pink candy melts, and one package of peach candy melts. Make sure to melt them all separately and place them in separate bowls. You are going to need around five dozen donut holes. Stay away from ones with sprinkles because it will be hard to coat it. Now dip each donut in the color of your choice. Place them on a drying rack and add some sprinkles for decorations while the icing is still wet. Let them cool. This is important! If you skip this step, the icing will drip and it won’t look very nice.

Now for the assembly process. Take an 8-inch Styrofoam cone, press a toothpick into the cone and then put the donut on the toothpick. Go in a circular motion so the pattern is consistent. Top it all off with a fake engagement ring.

Voila! You have the cutest (and delicious) decoration for any occasion!

Author: Emily Miller

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