Foods You Have To Try At The State Fair

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As summer comes to an end, that means your city and state are most likely putting on their county and state fairs. Even if you have missed yours, you still have years to come to visit your local fair. Other than amazing people watching, one thing that stands out at the fair is the food. State fairs have some of the most creative, delicious, and downright bad (in the best way) types of food. Here are some of the crazy, weird, and scrumptious foods the fair has to offer:

1. Deep Fried… Everything
Seriously, deep fried candy bars, fruits, twinkies, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. If you can come up with it, the fair booths typically will deep fry it. Who doesn’t love their food deep fried? It somehow makes everything so much more delicious!

2. The Basics
Corn Dogs, nachos, burgers, hot dogs. All of the fair staples are made even more delicious by all of the ways vendors have uniquely re-created your favorite fair foods!

3. Sweets
Cotton candy, soft serve ice cream, slushies, chocolate dipped bananas. The fair is the place to satisfy a sweet tooth. If you want to go to the fair solely for dessert, you definitely can. Please, for the sake of living your life, try a funnel cake. They are the best, and the smell alone will draw you over to the booth.

Author: Haley DePass

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