Give Back With A Gift To Yourself With A Brēō Box Subscription

With the holidays coming up you can only think of one thing… presents. Before getting swept up in finding the perfect present for the one you love, treat yourself with a present that will have you celebrating from Fall to Winter. One of the best ways to treat yourself is with a subscription box, for a true present to yourself.

If you’re looking for a subscription box that will truly surprise you with amazing products, you’ll want to subscribe to Brēō Box. When receiving a subscription box you can guess what the contents are based off the size of the box, but Brēō truly exceeded expectations with their Fall 2018 Edition Brēō Box.

All Brēō boxes come in a hand-packed wooden box, but they decided to surprise their subscribers with more items than they can fit in their traditional box for Fall 2018. This box was truly out of the box including a portable grill, digital thermometer, tumbler, mini bean bag throw game, portable lint roller, toiletries bag, stain remover, and an herb hydroponic set.

If all of this isn’t enough for you to want to subscribe, the Fall 2018 box is dedicated and donating to breast cancer awareness. Brēō also created a special edition pink breast cancer awareness ribbon wooden box including an awareness ribbon pin.

For every box sold, $5 will be used to help people currently undergoing breast cancer treatment. They also offer the option to contribute $50 for a HOPE kit for patients in treatment including items to help soothe the side effects of their treatment. You can find out more on how to contribute to a HOPE kit at

Most of these products are great for outdoor activities including backyard barbecues and tailgating. The box also featured some products for practical everyday use.

Oniva X-Grill
The Oniva X-Grill is a portable and collapsible charcoal grill that is perfect for any barbecue and tailgating event. The grill has a lifetime guarantee for durable and long-term use. This is also the best option for a portable grill, that comes with a slim carrying case. There is practically no assembling of the grill, just take it out of the carrying case and prop open to start grilling. The X-Grill offers easy set up and clean up that is great for grilling newbies.

Oniva Mini Bean Bag Throw Game
No barbecue or tailgating event is complete without the classic fun game of cornhole. Oniva makes a creative multi-game board that you can use for cornhole on one side and tic-tac-toe on the other side. This game is also great for everyone of all ages and is portable making for easy travel.

Gefu Digital Thermometer
If you’re going to be grilling, then you’re going to need a thermometer to make sure everything is cooked to perfection. The best way to go grilling is with a digital thermometer that is easy to use and is more accurate on reading temperatures. The thermometer gauges in Fahrenheit and Celsius for easy measurements.

Corkcicle 16 Ounce Waterman Edition Tumbler
If you haven’t experienced using a stainless-steel double-wall tumbler, you’ll be using one every day after your first sip. Corkcicle’s tumbler is great for on-the-go with a cap for your cup that is great for hot or cold drinks. The special Waterman edition was a collaboration with Corkcicle and legendary surfer Cory Lopez for this tumbler. They created a travel cup that can fit standard car cup holders and is triple insulated with stainless steel to keep your drink cold for 12 hours or hot for 6 hours. This tumbler also featured a vacuum seal lid that is perfect for anyone on-the-go.

W&P Hydropod Set For Sweet Basil
Personal herb gardens are trending with many discovering their green thumb for gardening. The W&P Hydropod brings a piece of the garden into your home with the easy process of soil-free farming. The Hydropod is frosted glass that is great for any decor motif and is made for small space including desktops or windowsills. The kit provides everything needed for an easy set up and in no time, you’ll be smelling that sweet basil that you can use as an ingredient or garnish.

Flint Lint Roller & Refill
As a pet owner finding a lint brush is easy, but many of them are not meant for travel and are unable to fit in most of my bags. The Flint lint roller finally solved this dilemma with a small lint roller that collapses into a small tube that can fit in any bag and works great for cleanups. Flint also provides a refill for the lint roller, so you’re all set and won’t have to worry about reordering. The design is so sleek that you won’t guess it’s a lint roller.

Little Red Bottle Emergency Stain Rescue
This professional grade product truly comes in handy for any situation including fashion faux-pas and can be used on furniture as well. The bottle size is great for portability, so you can have a nice on-the-go stain remover. All you need to do is apply a little water to the stained surface, the apply the Emergency Stain Rescue and wait to dry. This product is great at drying quick for on-the-go fix and doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals that will discolor fabrics with use.

Tooletries Koby Bag
This isn’t your average toiletries bag in-case you haven’t guessed by the name. Tooletries has truly made the ultimate toiletries bag for everyone and everywhere. Their bag is made of 100% silicone and is leak resistant, meaning you can keep this in your shower so you can take your bag from shower to travel in a snap. The Koby bag is great for guys and gals, making for a perfect shave kit or makeup bag with plenty of space for all your products.

If this box seems too good to be true, they are accepting pre-orders for their Winter 2018 edition box, offering a red wooden box befitting the holiday spirit. Not only does Brēō Box make a great gift for yourself, but also is a great gift for your loved ones, just in time for the holidays!

Brēō Box offers gift options for easy Christmas gift that everyone is sure to love. There are options for one-time gifts, you can also opt to give the gift that keeps giving throughout the seasons.

The cutoff date to subscribe for the upcoming Winter box ends December 17, with subscribers receiving their boxes just in time for Christmas!

Brēō Box is also offering an exclusive promo code “BELLA” for $20 off any subscription or gift purchase.

Author: Karli Wallace

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