Here Are The Best Secluded Beaches In America

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When on vacation finding that one tranquil place for ultimate relaxation is the best feeling in the world. Luckily, you’ll no longer have to search because here are the best secluded beaches in the U.S.

Second Beach, Washington:
This secluded part of Washington may be “second” but it’s considered number one because hikers can find an excellent place to camp along the coastline where they can see gorgeously green trees and calm waters. Getting there is a relatively short hike, but watch out for fallen trees and driftwood.

Assateague, Maryland:
Home to many wild horses that are free to roam the land, going to Wild Beach is a bit of a trek (you can only go by foot or by boat), but it’s worth it if you love a quiet sunbathe.

South Manitou Island, Michigan:
On South Manitou Island, which is only accessible by ferry, you can get a sandy beach experience plus lots of lighthouse photos without other tourists getting in the way.

Carova Beach, North Carolina:
Paved roads on this part of the Outer Banks will make this beach feel like you’re truly on the edge of the world. However, you will have to drive on some sand dunes before you can relax and sunbathe all day so be sure to bring your four-wheel drive.

Author: Lilly Roberts

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