How Evangeline Lilly Found Her Path

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Who remembers ‘Lost’ AKA the best television show in the history of ever if you skip the ending? I do. And you know who was always the strongest actor/actress in the whole cast? Evangeline Lilly. Ever since I saw her survival on the island drama produced by ABC, I knew she would be one of my favorite actresses.

But then, she disappeared…

Lilly actually ended up “retiring” from acting after ‘Lost,’ as the six-season run took a huge toll on her, especially after going from non-speaking roles to worldwide fame. It wasn’t until Peter Jackson’s ‘The Hobbit’ that she returned to acting. Most recently, her role in ‘Ant Man and The Wasp’ has been headlining in theaters as one of Marvel’s most entertaining movies, continuing her success streak alive.

All stories, however, have humble beginnings. Evangeline Lilly’s real name is actually Nicole. Evangeline is her middle name, but it definitely catches the eye a lot more, so it was a smart stage name to use. And Nicole never wanted to be in acting. She was studying international relations in hopes to work in the humanitarian field while working as a waitress, flight attendant, and even a driver for an oil rig.

Once she returned to the spotlight, Lilly was confident in keeping true to herself and her feminine physique. She proclaimed that she didn’t want her MMA and fight training to ruin her femininity in her most recent action movie. Additionally, The Wasp herself has been using social media to help boost her confidence as she makes her return to the big screen.

As a woman who shows herself as a strong, sexy, proud woman, Evangeline Lilly exudes both inner and outer beauty thanks to her confidence. It’s an admirable quality that all women should strive for.

Author: Josh Harlow

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