How To Cope With Family Drama

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Everyone has that family member. You know the one: that uncle who makes you feel awkward, the grandma who’s political views are vastly different than yours, the cousin who gets too drunk. When families get together, it can be a time for celebration but also a time for extreme drama. If this is the case for you, follow these steps to help yourself deal with the struggles for your family.

1. Stand up for yourself and your beliefs
Although it might be appealing to avoid confrontation in your family, you will get pent up anger if you constantly bottle up your thoughts and emotions around the people you love. Defend who you are and what you believe.

2. Keep your emotions in check
It may be hard, but it is possible to stand up for yourself without becoming too emotionally involved. If you allow for your emotions to take over and get upset when dealing with a family member that bothers you, then you will most likely walk away from the experience feeling upset that you let things get out of hand.

3. Know when to back off
If you are in a conversation with a relative that is going nowhere and you are getting frustrated or upset, you need to walk away from the argument. Take a second to get some fresh air, breath, and be with someone who knows and understands you.

Author: Alicia Rodriguez

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