Is Justin Bieber About To Deliver The Best Holiday Present?

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After some serious FBI-level investigation, fans and reporters alike are pretty much convinced that Justin Bieber, who claimed retirement after his Purpose album was released four years ago, has some new music up his sleeve. And this time, it looks to be much more than a few features on some songs here and there, but potentially an entire album. Beliebers everywhere: take a deep breath and practice the art of patience.

Though it could be entirely coincidental that these rumors and speculations came out right around Bieber’s ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez released two new singles (largely about Bieber) and the news of her first album in years, it does seem a bit unfairly timed. Nevertheless, I’m personally willing to put my views on the matter (team Selena) to the side if it means some new Bieber music. Here’s what we know thus far:

Starting around Halloween, Justin posted a now-deleted Instagram with an enticing caption—something along the lines of “get this post to 20 million likes and I’ll put out an album before Christmas”. And though Santa’s big day is approaching quickly, there’s still time for a Mistletoe 2.0….or maybe it’s not a holiday album at all and the project was planned for 2020 all along. Evidence supporting this includes another Instagram post from the celeb with the word “R&Bieber”, a clear playoff of R&B. the caption of the post featured some musically-oriented emojis, and his lawyers later filed for trademark status over the newly coined term. And just last week Bieber posted a much more cryptic Insta with 2020 over a starry night… Interesting, Justin… very interesting.

Author: Rosie Nickelson

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