Jonathan Van Ness ‘Queer Eye’ Stylist Revealed His Secret Marriage

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Jonathan Van Ness is known for being the absolute positive public figure for his role as the beauty stylist on the show “Queer Eye” and now carries the new role of husband. JVN shares the good news that he got married in secret in 2020 as his personal life private.

JVN is a public figure but prefers to keep his personal life private from the public eye especially after the busy year of being a political advocate campaigning with Senator Elizabeth Warren as well as finishing his live standup tour through Australia and New Zealand. On JVN’s Instagram page, he reviewed his achievements in 2020 and also took the opportunity to announce his marriage to his partner Mark Peacock.

When questioned about keeping the marriage a secret, JVN explains he chose to keep his relationship private because dating is complicated enough but provides even more complications being a public figure. Close friends of JVN are so excited about the announcement as most of them were keeping this secret and can now celebrate the nuptials publicly.

JVN continues to express his gratitude to all the new friends he met during these unprecedented times of being unable to interact in public spaces and being able to give hugs IRL. He also mentioned taking with his favorite friends from the Netflix series “Queer Eye” along with making a new friend with Olympic gymnast Simone Biles for a series of UberEats commercials.

Author: Fae Turner

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