Kim Kardashian West’s Hair Emergency

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There is truly no one that puts as much emphasis and intentionality into appearance as Kim Kardashian West. That may sound harsh, but we mean it in the most loving way! Kim has inspired new moms and curvy women everywhere to own their bodies and dress for themselves every day.

Never one to have a wrinkled blouse, misplaced eyelash, or piece of lint, Kim sees the beauty in the details and the care of her ensembles. So when she noticed some split ends while out and about, she knew she needed an immediate haircut—in the parking lot of a random Hollywood apartment complex.

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Hair 911 on Hollywood Blvd with @kimkardashian

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Calling on her trusted hairstylist Chris Appleton, Kim received a quick trim standing in the unnamed parking lot with some less-than-professional-looking scissors. On her Instagram stories capturing the fashion emergency, Kim explained that she had called Chris in the middle of his workout to meet her immediately to fix her ‘do.

Like any good stylist would do, he found the nearest pair of scissors and sped to his needy client. Trimming her ends on an angle with some generic kitchen drawer scissors, Chris gives Kim some layers before cleaning up the stray hairs from the parking lot.

Chris Appleton referred to the incident as a “hair 911” which fittingly matches the dramatics of the situation. But the Queen of Glam has to look “snatched” at all times, so I supposed the operator (Appleton) responded accordingly. Now if only I could find a stylist that listens to me like that, maybe I would end up with the length of hair I request.

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