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Oh, boyfriend jeans. How I love your comfort, how I hate your easily unflattering nature. I first bought boyfriend jeans because it was a trend and I was easily drawn to the casual, comfortable style that they gave off (probably like every other girl who owns boyfriend jeans). However, I soon discovered that these baggy pants were difficult to pair with other clothes without me appearing like a frumpy vagabond.

It took some time, but eventually I learned that if you pair boyfriend jeans with the right top and shoes they can be comfortable and fashionable at the same time. Check out this advice on how to style boyfriend jeans, so you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for fashion ever again.

Monochromatic jacket and shirt
Make your boyfriend jeans looks swanky and business professional with a monochromatic sleeveless shirt and long, sleeveless jacket. This style is perfect for transitions from business to bar.

A fun pair of heels and a funky jacket
Obviously boyfriend jeans are a quintessential casual look, but they can also surprisingly be a staple of a night out on the town. Try pairing your boyfriend jeans with a colorful high heeled shoe, a neutral tank top, and a fresh, retro-fancy jacket (go for metallic!)

However you decide to wear your boyfriend jeans, remember that they are meant to dress down an outfit. If you are looking for a casual coffee shop look, they are automatically your best friend. If you want to wear them to work or to a party, it’s time to pair them with fancy, funky, and different tops and shoes in order to dress them up.

Author: Samantha Key

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