Marriott International Plans To Launch Its Own Airbnb-Like Program

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The Marriott hotel chain isn’t letting Airbnb’s success run them out of business. As the old saying goes, if you can’t beat them join them and that’s exactly what Marriott International plans to do by launching its own Airbnb-like program.

Like what ride-sharing did to the cab service industry, Airbnb arrived on the scene and changed the approach to the rental-stay industry. Now the hotel chain wants to become a competitor by offering guests home rentals to earn and redeem loyalty points. The same as if they were staying in a hotel.

This program is already offered in places like Paris and London, but according to Bloomberg, there is talk that U.S. guests will be able to choose the new home-sharing option as soon as May. Marriott International’s program comes after news that Airbnb plans to go public by 2020.

The growing concerns over Airbnb’s safety and privacy policies after a family found hidden cameras in their rental home may also be another reason why the largest hotel operator has decided to expand its services. Still, Airbnb shouldn’t worry too much about Marriott taking its customers because the hotel giant’s focus will be geared more towards the luxury market rather than the main market.

Learn more about Marriott International’s future Airbnb-like plans in the video above.

Author: B.J. Mims

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