Millennials Are Crushing The Travel Industry… In A Good Way

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Millennials have become the blame guy for the decline in many industries, like casual dining and buying diamonds. However, one thing the 23 to 38 age group can be proud of is the amount they spend on vacations which is more than any other group.

Millennials may be struggling to live a debt-free life thanks to student loans, but they don’t seem to be having any trouble spending $5,000 or more on vacations. A new poll by Expedia shows that not only do Millennials spend the most on vacations, but they also travel the most with 35 days each year. And Generation Z isn’t too far behind with 29 days.

Gen Z may not be spending the most on vacations, but they are dishing out 25% of their budget on flights, more than any other age group. While Millennials get blamed for the decline of basically everything, one could say the younger generation is ruining the hotel industry since they are most like to choose alternative places to stay while traveling.

The new report is drastically different than in 2017 when Forbes reported that 48% of millennials weren’t using their paid-time-off and 25% feeling nervous to ask their employers for time off.

Learn more about how millennials are helping the travel industry by watching the video above.

Author: Brittany Jones

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