Mystery Cookies To Make You Feel Like A Kid Again

(Photo Credit: Nabisco)

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Mystery flavors were all the rage in the early 2000s. from Airheads, CapriSun juice boxes, and tons of candies, companies loved to brand a new flavor as a mystery to generate hype around the new product. There were few things more exhilarating than waiting and waiting for the commercials to start rolling that would announce what the mystery flavor was so you could (hopefully) gloat to your friends about how you were right all along.

The whole ordeal was pique excitement, almost as exciting as a new Blockbuster opening in your town or getting a new Pokemon game for Christmas. This feeling of nostalgia can be found once again thanks to one company that has brought back this #tbt with a 2019 incentive: a $50,000 cash prize for a winner that guesses the mystery flavor correctly.

Oreo put out a mystery flavor in September and allowed cookie lovers to submit their best-flavored guesses for the chance to win some holiday cash. As if anyone needed an excuse to buy more Oreo’s, but if for some reason you did, here’s your reason!

This past week, the mystery flavor was announced and the money was given to one lucky fan. The mystifying delicious flavor was announced, and now the yummy Cinnamon Sugar Churro can be bought on shelves with confidence and delight.

(Photo Credit: Nabisco)

Alongside this announcement, Oreo’s famed holiday flavors also hit the aisles of grocery stores this past week, including peppermint bark, hot cocoa, and the Oreo Joy (which is really just a regular Oreo with red food dye but it tastes better, I promise). Load up now while they’re still in stock!

Author: Brooke West

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