Netflix Vows To Get Rid Of Images Of Smoking On Their Streaming Platform

(Photo Credit: Netflix)

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Netflix is getting rid of The Office and now the streaming app has announced something else is leaving. The depiction of smoking in its original content.

The announcement comes after a new report by the anti-smoking group Truth Initiative released earlier this week revealed that after studying the most popular programs among 15-to-24-year-olds it found that the amount of tobacco imagery in them has more than tripled in the past year.

The research done showed that smoking and e-cigarette depictions were most prevalent on Netflix, way above cable or broadcast TV portrayals. With its third season finally premiered, eason 2 of Stranger Things was ironically the biggest culprit. The researchers found that 100% of the episodes they analyzed of the series, a supernatural story about adolescents, set in the 1980s, included tobacco use.

In a statement to Variety, Netflix revealed that it will not show smoking or e-cigarette use in future show with rating of TV-14 or below, as well as all films rated PG-13 or below. There is an exception to Netflix’s new policy and that is for “reasons of historical or factual accuracy.”

Netflix also said information about smoking will be included as part of its ratings.

Author: B.J. Mims

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