Pampering Pooches Is Hard Work

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Working with puppies might be a dream job, but Lucie finds out that being a dog groomer is a lot of hard work on this episode of Lucie For Hire. Lucie is at the Harlem Doggy Day Spa and she is going to see if she has what it takes to be a pet groomer. As a dog lover, it was a no-brainer for Lucie when she was invited to the Harlem Doggy Day Spa to learn how to be a puppy groomer. However, this challenge was no easy task! Her first challenge was to assess the dog. This is the time when you ask the owner what they are looking for during their pet’s time at the spa. After getting the dog settled on the grooming table, they take a before shot to show the difference to the pet’s owner once the services are complete.

Next, you need to “prep the pup”. This involves brushing the fur, including working through any knots. Then you clean out the ears and protect the ears from the bath by putting cotton balls inside of them. Lastly, you move the dog over to the bath area and give him some eye protection – some drops in their eyes so they don’t get burned by the soap. Next, you have to bathe the dog, including giving a great conditioning treatment. Once he is washed, you have to express his anal glands. What!!?? The final challenge is drying and grooming the pup. This involves giving a great blow dry, hair trim, nail clipping and brushing. All that is left to do is take the final pictures and pass him back to his owner.

Author: Kristen Farley

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