Pizza Themed Cosmetics Are A Thing And We’re About It

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Pizza truly is a passion, a lifestyle, a love. I mean, there’s just nothing that a slice of pizza won’t fix. With so many types, so many toppings, there is a pizza for every personality. And now, for those who want to take their love of pizza to the next level, you can purchase your own pair of pizza lashes or pizza eyeshadow palette.

No, these are not actually little pizzas on your eyelids, they are simply packaged in the cutest, most tasty pizza boxes. Glamlite cosmetics is the brand behind the genius, and founder Gisselle Hernandez is as passionate about pie as we are. She is originally from the Dominican Republic, but moved to New York where she truly fell in love with the
cheesy goodness.

“I’ve always had a passion for makeup but have always felt out of place in an industry that frequently focuses on perfection. The pizza palette is my way of saying I am free, I am no longer scared to be myself,” Hernandez explained on Glamlite’s page. “Sitting in a pizza theme room, decked out in pizza wear while shooting the world’s first pizza-inspired makeup palette was the most liberating experience in my life.”

So grab yourself some lashes and a fun pizza palette in colors like “Red Onions” and “Mushrooms.” You’ll be the tastiest one at the party.

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