Rejoice! Occasionally Indulging Won’t Lead To Weight Gain

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Pick up that doughnut you’ve been avoiding and go ahead and enjoy it because a new study says it won’t lead to weight gain. Thanks to researchers over at Deakin University in Australia our bodies can handle occasional bouts of overeating.

That means that you eating more than you should during those family holidays or birthday parties doesn’t lead to the weight gain you’ve been stressed about. To compare the effects of short-term and long-term indulgence, researchers to a group of healthy men around the age of 22 and put them on high-calorie diets. For five days, the diets represented indulging during the holidays and then again for 28 days to represent chronic overeating.

What they found after 5 days was that while visceral fat increased, short-term periods of overeating didn’t really have a significant impact on weight or fat mass. Blood sugar also didn’t have a noticeable effect proving that your body can handle short-term indulgence.

After the 28-day trial, researchers learned that after total and visceral fat increased they concluded that overindulgence during a long period of time could be a major factor in controlling blood sugar.

So don’t worry too much about your pants feeling tighter after stuffing your face because occasional feasting is all a part of a balanced diet.

See just how indulging is good for you in the video above.

Author: Brittany Jones

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