Ruth Bader Ginsburg Has Her Own Lipstick And You Need It

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I may be so bold as to say that this is the year of RBG. With two films that follow her incredible career, and a feat of strength that allowed her to beat cancer and return to the Supreme Court, RBG is a straight up bada**.

She is now receiving the attention and recognition she should have been receiving for years before, but now that she in the light and shining, we can celebrate our favorite #girlboss in many different ways. The RBG lipstick is very much the icing on the cake, or should we say lips, to a fantastic year for RBG.

Lipslut is an activist beauty company that is known for its anti-Trump, pro-civil rights campaigns. After hearing that RBG beat cancer, the company decided this feminist role model needed her own product, aptly named, “Notorious R.B.G.”

The lip color is in a “bad bitch berry” hue, that’s a soft, yet sultry pink, perfect for any season. Fifty percent of the proceeds from the lip product will go towards organizations like the American Civil Liberties Union, Equal Rights Advocates, and She Should Run.

“I was watching Trump’s inauguration in January 2017 and I noticed so many of my friends were sharing lists of places to donate to,” Lipslut founder Katie Somes shared with Refinery 29, “I knew a lot of people my age weren’t donating because they didn’t feel like they could give their money away. But then, at the same time, they thought they could afford to buy makeup. So I decided to bridge that gap by creating a product that could give back.”

Shop Lipslut’s other products including some bold shades of glosses and stains like “F*** Trump.” Shop the full line here.

Author: Phoebe Dawson

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