Should Men Try Makeup?

Bella Breakodwn

Men’s makeup has been rising in popularity, and people have opinions. As a female, I am the last one who should have a say in whether or not a man should try makeup on. And yet, here I am with an opinion!

And my thought is this: Everyone should try makeup at some point! You can never know if you like something or not unless you take the time to try it for yourself. If you are are a man (or, heck, even a woman) who wants to try makeup for the first time (wow, what a concept!) then you should know the benefits and disadvantages that come along with it.

Makeup can be so much fun. You can use it to dress yourself up and feel ready to take on the world. It acts as a way to change up or emphasize a look using colors and shapes. Makeup can also highlight your best features, and hide your imperfections.

That being said, imperfections are what makes us “us”! If you have flaws you should flaunt them, not hide them. Wearing makeup all the time can be a sign of insecurity because it shows that you aren’t willing to let the world see you for who you really are.

So, my ultimate advice is this to all of the makeup-wearing men and women out there: use makeup in moderation. It doesn’t need to be worn all the time, but there is nothing wrong with “putting on your face” every once in a while in order to elevate the beauty you already have.

Author: Jacqueline Alanne

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