Skin Care Routines Doctors Don’t Want You To Use

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As helpful as the internet is at giving us life, relationship, and beauty tips, it might be best to stick to your doctor’s advice when it comes to caring for your skin. They have a few pieces of advice that you might want to follow so you can stay away from inadvertently causing more damage to your skin.

1. Stop carelessly using natural solutions on your skin. A lot of people put coconut oil on their faces, thinking it is a great natural moisturizer. This isn’t the case, as it can actually really clog up your pores if used in excess.

2. Stop abiding by the term “hypo-allergenic”. It actually has no legal meaning, as any human being can be allergic to anything. It’s important to know what ingredients you are allergic to ahead of time, and choose accordingly.

3. Exfoliating too vigorously is not good for your skin. You cannot scrub your acne away. You need to be gentle with your face, and do your best not to irritate it, especially if you do have acne issues.

4. It is really important that you do not sleep on a dirty pillowcase. Pillow cases collect dirt and makeup, and those things can contribute to clogging your pores with unnecessary dirt and oil.

Author: Haley DePass

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