Small Additions To Warm Up Your Home

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You’re probably spending a lot of time inside now that the temperature has dropped, and going outside has become an arduous task. Spending some extra time at home can be really relaxing though, and if with a few small additions to your space, you can make it so utterly cozy you’ll never want to leave. Shop one of my favorite places to find cozy accents, Anthropologie!

Fuzzy Fur Throw

Every home needs a fuzzy blanket. Period. This one is so soft and luxurious, you’ll never want to leave the couch.

Pilgrim Zoe Essential Oil Diffuser

Ger yourself a humidifier and a chic essential oil diffuser for a spa like experience. Especially when the air is so dry, it’s important to keep the air in your home clear and breathable.

Soludos Celestial Slippers

Okay maybe this isn’t a home piece per say, but you’ve got to have a great pair of slippers in the winter. These are so chic, you’ll feel like a goddess walking around your home.

Jovi Shag Rug

A rug really warms up a room, especially if you’ve primarily got tile or hardwood in your home. Opt for a warm color, or something fun like this pink shade, and look for lush materials. I’m a sucker for a good shag rug.

Footed Bowl Candle

I love to look of candles in a space, and apart from just warming up a room, they offer a soothing aroma perfect for a cold winter day. I love how this large, bowl candle fills the room!

Author: Lucie O’Leary

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