Take A Breath

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For centuries people have been using breath as a way to calm down and center themselves. Some of the oldest religions in the world have placed breath at the center of their practice. It is, after all, the most fundamental thing about humanity, a practice that we constantly partake in which gives us life, and yet one of the things we do that we notice the least.

But what happens when you actually pay attention to your breath? Try it. Right now. Close your eyes and breathe in. Breathe out. Do it for one minute, and let your breath become smooth, deep, and long.

How did that feel? You may have noticed that you feel better than you did before. Are you more relaxed? More focused? More aligned? All of these sentiments are common results of simply taking a minute to practice intentionality with the thing we do most naturally.

The breath can be used as a tool to fill us up with positivity, or let us release negative energy. However, we spent most of our time breathing without thinking about breathing. Take simply a few minutes a day to let your breath flow with purpose and watch with awe as goodness occurs in your body and mind.

Author: Karli Wallace

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