The Best Anti-Theft Accessories For Women

Bella Breakdown

As traveling becomes more and more popular among millennials, so does the business of taking advantage of naive tourists. The most at risk are women who like to carry bags and other purses that are easy to pickpocket, so here are the best accessories to keep you in safe travels.

Instead of carrying around a purse that hangs on your arm try wearing a money belt. Meant to be worn underneath your clothes, this belt is the best way to keep your passports, money and credit cards safe while exploring a new country.

If you’re in a place where hiking is a must, but a regular money belt isn’t the ideal fitness accessory there is a running belt that will fit your needs. Double the size of a running fanny pack, the Stashbandz running belt is made of spandex that makes it easier to accommodate even a large iPhone. The hidden zipper also gives you the added protection of knowing your important things fall out.

Even your bra can be used to keep your belongings safe. Using the Secret Bra Wallet is a comfortable experience even in places that has extreme humidity. Made to fit even a DD cup size, this bra wallet can be put on the bra band under your arm or on a belt loop and tucked into your pants. However, the best place to place the wallet is underneath your bra.

Author: Brittany Jones

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