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If you thought to get your kids and husband to participate in family photos was hard, you my friend, have got another thing coming. Sure, it can be close to impossible to get everyone to not just show up for holiday card pictures but to also look somewhat presentable and all look at the camera at the same time. And to get everyone to smile, including the baby? It’s not an easy feat. But you’ll feel a bit ridiculous complaining about the difficulties of getting humans to participate in the annual holiday card once you see this photo of 17 pets posed, poised, and photo-ready.

Corwen, Wales resident and shop owner Kathy Smith just raised the bar for all holiday card photos ever with this incredible picture of her pets. All 17 of them. All cozied up on one big couch and looking at the camera. I can’t even get my dog to take a selfie with me, and Smith managed to get the attention of her nine cats and eight dogs for just long enough to snap what is bound to be the best photo of 2019.

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And how does one woman acquire 17 cats and dogs? By having a servant’s heart. Smith told the Daily Mail that she rescues and adopts animals in need of a forever home and that though it may create a bit of a madhouse at times, it’s always worth it. Along with her nine kitties and eight doggos, she also has four birds, fish, and a baby hedgehog, which is probably the only thing in the world that could’ve made the photo even more adorable.


Author: Brooke West

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