The Best Not-So-Ugly Holiday Sweaters

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Bella Breakdown

Let’s all be honest with each other here: no one actually wants to look “ugly” at the ugly holiday sweater party. You want to look festive with a side dish of tacky, effortlessly comfortable and yet still put together enough to feel confident telling those over-embellished stories about work and life to make your year sound superior.

Whether your sweater style is pop-culture oriented, a vintage classic, or shamelessly much higher on the cute axis than ugly on the Holiday Sweater Functionality graph (mapping out cuteness and “ugliness” in quadrants to find the most functional sweater option) we’ve got you covered with a selection of holiday sweaters that are thematic enough for you to wear to the party without getting shade from friends or coworkers, but not quite so ugly that you’ll feel silly purchasing.

Author: Jessica Ralph

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