The One Thing You Won’t Find Cardi B Doing Again

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Bella Breakdown

With all of the body positivity movements and self-love campaigns running through social media, plastic surgery has gone by the wayside, taken over by the more natural and “imperfect” look. Cardi B has even gone so far as to vow to never get plastic surgery again but, her motives are for a different kind of self-love.

Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar AKA Cardi B is a rapper/ internet celebrity known for her lyrical genius and her dazzling looks. Her outfits are always over the top and spectacular which compliments her unique lyrical style and overall persona.

Her lyrics boast about her love of money and how “she does it all for the money”. This is the main motive for her giving up plastic surgery- “she’s a money addict”.

After being forced to cancel shows, Cardi B stated to her fans on Twitter that she was done with plastic surgery. Everyone knows that Cardi B isn’t new to plastic surgery. She often boasts about her augmentations and corrections. But in the end, her love of money and the loss of cash due to the cancellation of shows, she decided that she’s all-natural from here on out.

Author: Joel Vine

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