The Perfect Summer DIY

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Summer is synonymous with the outdoors. Activities such as camping, sun bathing, hiking, swimming keep us outdoors all through the day and even into the night. Summer nighttime activities are just as fun as the ones during the day.

Barbecues and backyard parties are a great way to celebrate the lighthearted, lazy days of summer. All of this fun however, can invite some unwanted guests (such as Mosquitoes) to your party.

The idea of using chemical-based candles or sprays can seem totally unappealing, especially if you’re hosting a lot of guests. There is a way to repel mosquitos while simultaneously creating awesome decorative lighting. The DIY repellent jars are a super cute, natural method to keep mosquitoes at bay.

These mason jars are filled with lemon and lime slices, rosemary, basil, lavender, and 10-15 drops of lemongrass essential oils. The lemongrass is the key ingredient that wards off mosquitoes. The floating candle allows for the repellant vapors to rise, and also creates some seriously fantastic mood lighting.

So this summer, don’t fret about your decorations and maintaining a mosquito-free zone. You can have it all once you get crafty with your DIY repellent jars. And remember, not all mason jars need to be store bought; re-use glass jelly, pickle, or spaghetti sauce jars. Be stylish and feasible!

Author: Haley DePass

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