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Face masks are a great way to relax and treat yourself, but many beauty products have harsh artificial ingredients and fragrances. In comes Sand & Sky, offering refreshing face masks with natural ingredients and a piece of Australia in all their products.

At WhoaBella we heard a lot of hype about this product line and we knew we had to try it for ourselves, needless to say we were not disappointed! Sand & Sky masks offers their magical product with a detailed guide for use and utilizes the key ingredient of Australian Pink Clay for all their face masks.

The Australian pink clay contains natural minerals including Bentonite and Kaolin that offer your face a refreshing detox. Bentonite has health benefits from use including skin allergies and speed the healing time for blemishes. Kaolin is a natural agent to help exfoliate debris and dead skin cells, helping to absorb excess oils.

All of the masks offered have these two key ingredients, but each mask offers different ingredients to help achieve specific beauty goals. The best part about Sand & Sky is that they offer an applicator for their masks, for optimal application results. Sand & Sky offers products individually, but I recommend the Perfect Skin Bundle to try their best-selling products.

The Porefining Face Mask includes a small brush that helps to apply the Australian pink clay evenly and is easy to wash after use, also preventing waste of product. The mask application is as easy as washing your face then applying the mask with the brush and let sit for 10 minutes before washing it off.

When applying the mask, you can feel an invigorating tingle for the first minute from the natural ingredients and doesn’t last but a couple of minutes. Once the mask dries, leave it on for a couple more minutes then rinse off for a clean complexion. Using this mask as a spot treatment in recommended for overnight wear.

The invigorating ingredients include licorice root, vitamin A, and old man’s weed to boost cellular turnover while targeting pigmentation clusters for a bright healthy glow. Over all using this product as a mask and spot treatment was amazing for brightening my complexion and purifying my face of toxins.

Another one of Sand & Sky’s best-sellers is the Flash Perfection Exfoliating Treatment that helps with reducing an oily complexion and provides a deep clean. After washing your face, apply the mask with slightly moist skin then message for 30 seconds but people with sensitive skin can just apply the mask. After 5 minutes you can wash off the mask to reveal a flawless, finish for your skin.

This mask uses exfoliating agents in AHA-rich fruit extracts including the Australian finger lime that helps seep cell regrowth for a fresh glow. This mask also incorporates bamboo and macadamia seed to remove dry skin cells.

Sand & Sky also gives instructions for using their products as spot treatments that are super helpful with pesky blemishes. Overall, Sand & Sky makes amazing skin care products that are great for all skin types including sensitive skin (such as mine). The natural, invigorating ingredients complimented my sensitive skin well and helped me to reach my beauty goals of a fresh complexion.

If you’re looking for a refreshing mask with natural ingredients, look no further than Sand & Sky!

Author: Karli Wallace

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