Three Fitness Trends To Try If You’re Sick Of Your Gym Routine

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It can be hard to stay motivated to workout when you’re sick of doing the same thing over and over at the gym. I’m definitely guilty of sticking to my routine, and not putting in the effort to change it up. If you want to try something new, and also get in a killer workout, try one of these fitness classes that are available at studios all over the country.

Yoga With a Kick

You already know about yoga, and maybe you’ve tried it a couple times but aren’t super into it. I get it, it can be a bit slow and monotonous. If you want to try something more fast paced and sweat-worthy, try a power yoga class that involves weights, like Corepower’s yoga sculpt class. It’s upbeat, flows quickly and will totally kick your butt.

Orange Theory

With locations all over the country, you’ll likely be able to find an Orange Theory studio near you. The studio looks like a typical gym setup, but the group classes are designed to keep you moving through different stations like cardio and strength training, while using individual heart monitors to make sure you’re in the right “zone” for your body. These classes can be a ton of fun!


Based on the style of training that professional ballerina’s go through, Barre is a killer strength training class that combines elements of pilates and cardio for a super toned physique. If you’re looking for that full-body workout, this is for you!

Author: Lauren Staehle

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