Ultimate Target Shopping Tips

Shopping at target can sometimes feel like you’re trying to find the end of a maze, not to mention the frivolous spending choices.

Target has a very generous return policy and allows you return anything for a full refund after 90 days as long as the items is unopened and in new condition, including food. Another amazing part of their refund policy is that they will grant full refunds after a year for Target branded goods.

They also have a special gift card policy that allows customers to trade unwanted gift cards from certain brands, to exchange for a Target gift card. Target also offer their Cartwheel app that offers deals on items in-store that works by scanning the product’s barcode and finds it for you on the app.

Target encourages customer feedback to share their customer experience with Target, along with requesting items that you want to see in their store. Price matching is rarely offered in retail stores anymore, but Target still offers price match.

If a customer finds something that has a lower price in another store, Target will match the retail price within 14 days of purchase so yo don’t miss out on a deal after purchase. They are also starting to offer more sale specials including their one day mega-sale, competing with Amazon Prime day.

Target announced a one-day mega store sale that anyone could shop to promote their new same-day shipping service, and Target is offering free six-month memberships for customers who spend over $100 during the sale.

For more Target deals and steals, checkout the videos above.

Author: Karli Wallace

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