Ways to Get Moving in the Morning

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If you already hoped right out of bed no problem and got a move on your day, then no need for this… but if you’re like the rest of us, getting up in the morning isn’t always one of those birds chirping with rays of sunshine moments.

It’s a cranky, snooze button-hitting, where’s my coffee scenario. Well get ready to change that for that for the better with these tips.

Try waking up to sweet sounds, music can be a real mood changer, so program your alarm clock – or let’s get real, your smartphone – to play your favorite song to get you out of bed.

If that’s not enough, instead of hitting snooze, stretch, before you even open your eyes stretch each arm and leg one at a time for 15 seconds, wiggle your toes and fingers and roll your neck to get your blood flowing. Once you’re out of that comfy bed, do a little exercise.

Even just 10 minutes of sit-ups or squats can be a real energy booster. You’ve heard this before and you’ll hear it again, eat breakfast!

Even if you’re not hungry take a few minutes and sit down to a meal. Last but certainly not least: smile! Get some positivity flowing and kiss your fam before you leave for the day. XOXO

Author: Madison

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