Ways To Help Not Grow Apart From Your Partner

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Keeping that love alive in relationships can be one of the hardest things for some couples. So many times marriages head to divorce or couples break up not because of infidelity, but because they just grew apart from one another. To help that from happening, here are some ways to never grow apart from your partner.

Be Curious About Your Partner’s Needs And Behaviors:
Actually show interest in things that they are feeling and speaking up when you notice something might be off.
Instead of getting frustrated by your partner, figure out why your partner acts the way they do, or why they like the things they do. “Assume the best and don’t take their behaviors personally,” Dr. Diane Strachouski says. “When both parties feel they are understood, ideally the couple can relax and not worry.”

Create Rituals:
When you and your partner’s routine consists of waking up, going to school/work, going home and then going to bed things can become stagnant. Instead of rinse, washing and repeating some mundane routine, spice things up with a new ritual.

Schedule dinner dates for the middle of the week to get you both something to look forward to. Before going to bed have a couple of times where you both just express how you’ve been feeling as of late, whether it’s good or bad.

“All of these rituals are important because they form an attachment,” says relationship therapist, Margo Regan.

Author: B.J. Mims

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