Would You Let Amazon Into Your Home?

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Coming home from a long day, expecting to see a much awaited package on your doorstep-only to find no package-is a frustrating feeling. Maybe the delivery person couldn’t leave it because you weren’t home. Maybe, with the holidays around the corner, it was stolen. Either way, you didn’t get the delivery you were expecting. Well, Amazon wants to fix that.

Amazon Key is an in-home delivery and access lock and camera system. If you are a prime member in 37 participating states, you could allow Amazon right into your home. The kit includes a cloud camera and lock, starting at $249, to allow the package to be set inside your door. you can watch the delivery live, or later, via your camera.

But, it doesn’t stop with package deliveries. Amazon wants to also add a temporary passcode feature that allows cleaners, dog walkers and other home service companies into your home if you aren’t there. If this makes you feel uneasy, you are not alone. The biggest online retailer said while they did their testing on the product, theft was not an issue.

Of course, Amazon isn’t the only company attempting to enter your home even more intimately. Walmart, the other retail giant, will start using a service they call, “August Home,” which allows Amazon’s competitor to stock up your fridge for you.

Author: Daina Schnese

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