YouTuber Jake Paul Gets Caught At The Mall Doing Something Worse Than Looting

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Controversial clout chaser of YouTube, Jake Paul, lands in hot water over making an appearance in the Fashion Square Mall in Scottsdale, Arizona during the riots and looting. Paul’s videographer, Andrew Blue, featured a series of Instagram posts of Paul walking through the mall with videos showing Paul bashing the police repeatedly in confrontational and explicit language.

In true Paul form, all the videos and pictures were deleted in an attempt to erase the evidence and undo the damage but it was too late. Though Paul wasn’t taking part in the looting and vandalizing the negative response to the content was swift on social media.

Paul also pulled another one of his infamous tactics of attempting to apologize and rationally explain himself only after the swift negative backlash. Paul tweeted that no one in his group of friends wasn’t participating in any violent activity and was at the mall after spending the day peacefully protesting the wrongful death of Geroge Floyd.

Paul also stated that he was documenting what was happening and he doesn’t condone violence or breaking the law. Paul is doing something that looting, he’s taking away the attention of the media from the actual protestors, invalidating their experiences with police violence.

People should be focusing more on the narrative of genuine protestors and less on the people who are taking advantage of the media attention surrounding this tragedy.

Author: Fae Turner

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