You’re Bound To Flip Out Watching This

Don’t blink or you might just miss it

With all the crazy things going on around you, you’re bound to flip out over the pressure. Well after these videos you’ll have a good laugh to keep calm and carry.

Instead of flipping out over everything stressing you out, why don’t you just hang back and watch the pros. You may have recognized the flipping adrenaline junkie, Andrew Friedman, from his Instagram @PopLikeCorn.

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Friedman flips out everywhere around the world but you can most likely catch him around the beaches in Los Angeles. You can also catch him coordinating group stunts with his friends, which just look like something straight out of Cirque du Soliel.

Fair warning, he has a lot of training to pull off his crazy flips, so heed caution if you think of trying this at home (please don’t). Instead of attempting something dangerous, just take to Instagram or YouTube where you can find more of Andrew Friedman’s awesome stunt videos.

Andrew Freidman YouTube

@poplikecorn Instagram

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