Don’t Stress it: Taking Maternity Leave Doesn’t Mean You’re going Off The Grid

Bella Breakdown

Alright Bellas, we all know starting a business is tough and certainly is packed with ups and downs on a daily basis. And when you know everything that’s going on at your company, the idea of stepping aside for months is extremely tough. So how exactly do you get your team ready for that? The founders of a beauty company called Violet Grey dealt with this issue times two! Yes, both owners were having a baby at the same time!


Running a business is stressful enough before adding a baby into the mix. Now we know what you’re thinking, both owners leaving at the same time, how is that even possible? But we’ll let you in on the big secret that will help you to balance out your priorities so that your leave is as stress free as possible. And yes, it is possible; you’re going to be superwoman in no time.

For example, a great way to prepare your team is to let them know ahead of time and distribute key roles. Prepare them for what they should expect while you are away. Assign some of your daily roles to your employees ahead of time while you’re still in the office so it gets them use to making major decisions for the company on their own, make them feel empowered that you trust them. This way it’s less stressful for you and your employees while you’re away. It’s a lot of work but if you put that work in place from the start, you set yourself up with a much stronger foundation for success.


The stronger the foundation, the better the company will be for any unexpected twists and turns down the road so don’t stress it! Maternity leave is supposed to be a stress free time where you can care for your new little bundle of joy. Just remember when managing a business and taking maternity leave the key is going to be balance, so plan ahead. Don’t let the stress of not being in the office become a burden. Trust in your employees, you taught them well!

Author: Lauren

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