Foods That Can Cause Indigestion


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It’s easy to eat foods that benefit our livers or hearts, but sometimes we forget that are stomachs should also be taken care of. To help you fight off that indigestion, here are the foods you should be wary of.

Having a drink or two most likely won’t hurt you, but too much alcohol can cause some serious issues to your internal organs. Now we know it isn’t a food, but it’s still consumed enough that it should be noted to monitor your intake.

“Since alcohol works as a diuretic, it can increase fluid loss and lead to dehydration. Inadequate hydration is often linked to constipation,” explains Sam Presicci, a lead registered dietitian at Snap Kitchen.

Now more than ever has gluten-free options been on the rise in the food industry. That’s most likely due to the growing health concerns when it comes to foods that include gluten. Found in several grains, like rye, wheat and barley gluten isn’t a problem for everyone. However, for those suffering from Celiac disease gluten is a big no-no.

For those who deal with lactose intolerance, any dairy is a bad sign. That’s why milk is on the list because if ingested it could back you up. “Some people are more sensitive to the protein found in milk and experience constipation,” Presicci says.

Author: Brittany Jones

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