HBO Max Announces New Revival “Sex and the City” Series

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These ladies of New York City are making a comeback to HBO Max for a reboot “Sex and the City” series but one of the leading ladies won’t be apart of the new production. The franchise that was built on HBO will be making a comeback with the original cast including Sarah Jessica Parker (playing Carrie), Cynthia Nixon (playing Miranda), and Kristin Davis (playing Charlotte).

This announcement might seem incomplete without the fourth leading lady Kim Cattrall (known for her role as Samantha) but the actress will not be reprising her role. Cattrall was more than welcome to reprise her role on “Sex and the City” but the actress has publicly expressed wanting to leave this role in the past, walking away from the franchise.

According to inside sources, Cattrall and Parker experience some conflict during previous “Sex and the City” projects. In 2017, Cattrall slammed Parker after she blamed Cattrall for the cancellation of the third “Sex and the City” movie when Cattrall chose not to return to the franchise.

The new series will be the quasi-seventh season of the original HBO show that will feature the three leading ladies and possible room for a new addition to the group of gals from New York City.

Author: Karli Wallace

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