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Everyone loves a nice calming cup of tea and sipping on a cup of tea can also improve your health. We break down the various tea types along with their amazing health benefits.

Black Tea
Black Tea is the most common tea used for iced tea and is great for the morning with a higher caffeine content compared to other types of tea. Black tea also promotes strength and repels negativity. Research shows that black tea helps with fighting the flu with the flavonoids working in coordination with healthy gut bacteria to prevent flu infection.

Oolong Tea
This type of tea is also great for the morning time with moderate caffeine content. Oolong tea increased brain function and focus, which is great for when you meditate. Oolong tea burns calories at twice the rate of green tea, regulates insulin, and lowers cholesterol. This is also known as the beauty tea for the benefits of fighting acne, reversing aging, and boosts your metabolism.

Herbal Tea
This is a great tea to drink for relaxing as it promotes tranquility and sleep. It also helps with weight loss and reduces stress. The best thing about herbal tea is the variety of flavors and herbs that promote health in different ways.

Chamomile tea helps promote sleep and relaxation while easing depression and anxiety. Mint tea helps to relieve your sinuses and a sore throat, great for people with allergies. Ginger tea relieves symptoms of nausea while improving blood circulation and digestion.

White Tea
With the low caffeine content and light flavor, this is good for people who like a less robust flavor. White tea contains a ton of antioxidants and stimulates healthy liver function. White tea promotes beauty with improved skin, oral, and hair health. This is also a great tea for fitness fanatics boosting exercise performance and promotes weight loss.

Green Tea
Thi type of tea provides a light boost of caffeine and enhances your immune system. It’s also great for detoxing and enhances fertility. Scientific studies show green tea is rich in L-theanine which increases alpha wave brain activity to increase relaxation without drowsiness.

Author: Amy Richardson

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