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Bonafide foodie, cookbook author, social media guru, supermodel, and loving wife and mother Chrissy Teigen just launched a website dedicated to her love of all things yummy, for people with a love a for all things yummy. Her site, named after her successful cookbook, Cravings By Chrissy Teigen, is meant to cater to conversations and inspire readers to get in the kitchen.

“Let’s cook, talk, do all the things” is really the perfect way to capture the essence of the site. With handfuls of Teigen approved and crafter recipes, it’s impossible not to develop some intense cravings while scrolling through the site. Comfort food, healthy options, holiday staples, and traditional meals adorn the site with easy instructions and beautiful pictures.

And while your tummy is rumbling, you’ll also be nonstop laughing at the relatable nature of the content featured. On the homepage, Teigen has some “hot takes” aka random photos from her camera roll in a moving carousel, as well as real-time social media mentions.

The site is full of information on Teigen’s favorite foodie spots, Q&A about everything from food to parenting links to shop her signature kitchen items, and video content on tutorials, interviews, and adorable family moments.

A true one-stop-shop for all things wholesome and enriching, the new site deserves a bookmark on your desktop. It comes just in time to inspire some delicious recipes for office potlucks and friendsgiving parties, too. And how cool will you sound when you say “the recipe? Chrissy Teigen taught me!”

Author: Brooke West

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