Move On! Simple Tips For Getting Over A Breakup In Only 30 Days


Bella Breakdown

Breaking up is hard and it’s even harder when you can’t seem to just get over your ex. When deleting all of your pictures and ignoring their phone calls just doesn’t seem to work. Here are some new ways in getting over your ex.

Talk about it with people you trust — or strangers you’ll never see again:
Whether it’s coming from a place of hurt or anger, expressing your feelings about your split is always a good thing to do. Have a girls or guys’ night with your favorite alcoholic beverage and just let all of those feelings out.

If you can’t find a friend that’s willing to listen then turn to your parents, a trustworthy co-worker or even a bartender. Spending significant time with more people will remind you that you’re independent and you have everyone you need.

Make a breakup playlist:
Listen, you just got your heart broken, you log on to Instagram only to see that your ex looks like they’re having the time of their life. What do you do? You make a playlist of songs that truly express your feelings and you sing them like you’re the one performing. These songs don’t all have to be sad, either, the first half of Beyoncé’s “Lemonade” were songs written and performed out of pure anger.

Author: Maya Dixon

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