Popeyes Wants You To Bring Your Own Bun

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If you missed the Popeye’s frenzy after the restaurant chain launched its first chicken sandwich you may finally be in luck. The chicken restaurant announced its alternative option for those wanting the sandwich and it involves you bringing your own bun.

That’s right. Popeye’s is allowing customers to bring their own bun. Sadly, chicken and bread are all of the sandwich ingredients customers will be able to enjoy though. “It’s basically The Sandwich!” Popeyes said on Twitter. “Only no mayo. Or pickles. And you bring your own bun… Really, it’s just three tenders…”

Though, Popeye’s may have thought their marketing plan was a great idea people on Twitter were not amused. “We’re not laughing,” one user wrote to the company. In which they responded, “Can’t blame us for trying? Right? OK, we get it…”

The company announced late August that to the disappointment to customers, the fast-food chain had sold out of the popular chicken sandwich. “Guests came from near and far to try it and share their excitement for the product,” Bruno Cardinali, head of North American marketing, told FOX Business.

“They loved it so much that we sold out. While we work to get the sandwich back in our restaurants, we wanted to offer our guests a fun way to satisfy their Popeyes sandwich cravings.”

Author: B.J. Mims

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