Super Nintendo World Is Coming To Osaka In February 2021

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The legendary Nintendo character Mario is finally getting his own theme park in Osaka, Japan that will be opening in early 2021. Though the long-awaited theme park will be opening next year, they’ve provided a sneak peek to get fans excited for the opening.

Super Nintendo World will be featured in Universal Studios Japan but features a couple of cool rides that are ready to operate and provide a demonstration for fans. The first ride is the Mario Kart Koopa’s Challenge that features Mario Karts that have come to life to battle against Koopa (also known as Bowser in English) in his castle.

Fans are welcomed to a castle inspired by the Mario games with a huge statue of Koopa welcoming guests that will be escorted to the ride featuring a four-player Mario Kart. The castle features decor and architecture that makes guests feel like they’ve truly entered the Nintendo world of Mario Bros including classic game pieces and trophies featured in the games. Each guest gets a handle and AR headset that looks just like Mario’s hat before entering one of the two tracks for a competition ride.

The new ride required six years in development as making a theme park ride into a competitive game is a fairly new concept. More theme parks are developing interactive rides that engage guests and this new competition theme park game is truly unique.

The karts are guided by a rail so the karts won’t be freely moving but it will ensure guests remain safe while designating through the ride. Super Nintendo World will also be developing new rides during the debut with the anticipation of building a Donkey Kong area in the future.

Super Nintendo World plans to open by February 4, 2021 but developments involving the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic might delay the debut date.

Author: Chaz Page

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