The Secret To Being Productive While Working From Home

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Working from home is a great break from the office but sometimes can be challenging when trying to stay productive. The next time you work from home you might want to try these tips to maintain productivity that’s great for working moms.

To help you focus more on work we recommend you put your phone away and if you take a call to try to walk around to promote multitasking. If you’re working on multiple projects try to work on one aspect per day so you can make sure you have enough time dedicated to the specific task.

Creating boundaries between your work and home life is a must when working from home. Using post-it notes, you can write down your different tasks with a section for what needs to get done to give yourself a sense of accountability while reminding you what needs to get done. If there are people around the house while you’re working you can put on your headphones or earbuds to focus on working while letting others know your trying to concentrate and are less likely to distract you.

If you need to clean or organize your space do it before you get to work so you won’t be distracted and can focus on work more than your housework. Working your pajamas might seem comfortable but the mind associates wearing pajamas with relaxation time that isn’t too productive when you’re trying to get your work done.

To get your mind out of relaxation mode change out of your pajamas into clothes that you would wear to work and you’ll be ready to run errands when you’re done working. Working from home can be easier when you have a rhythm to your schedule that best fits your needs including the time table for when you feel the most productive (keeping your deadlines in mind).

Author: Alicia Rodriguez

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