Demi Lovato’s Beauty Transformation

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Most of us remember back in 2008 watching Demi Lovato in her role in Disney Channel’s hit film, Camp Rock. The movie launched her acting and singing career overnight, and now even includes a few Top 10 hits. The only thing to move more quickly than her career? The rate of her beauty transformation! That’s right Demi has been through a lot with her career and battling depression publicly that her transformation is incredible.
She has had so many different looks through the years from starting her career with her hair in long, curled layers and bangs. In 2009, Lovato grew out her bangs and wore her hair in long, beachy waves. In 2012, Lovato tested the age-old adage when she completely lightened her naturally dark hair. But do bones really have more fun? In 2014 Lovato went ombre with a purple tint! It’s safe to say that Demi is more on the adventurous side when it comes to beauty. She’s typically down to change her look based on her mood.

For more details and to see Demi’s awesome beauty transformation be sure to check out the video above!

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