Insta-Makeover: This Retro-Glam Hairstyle Is A Holiday-Party Home Run

Bella Breakdown

It’s holiday time and you know what time means….time for all those holiday parties! And we all have been there, wearing the same hairstyle to every party can get a bit boring. With that being said, we’re going to show you a new look that you can rock to your next holiday gathering. It’s called the victory roll!
This style is versatile and unexpected. To begin this look start with a deep side parting. Then, create a triangular section on top. Brush your hair smooth and over towards the face. Then, proceed to roll the hair up and into a victory roll! Making sure it is off to the side and slightly forward insert a few bobby pins to ensure that the roll does not move. Once you have your roll secured on top start the next victory roll on the opposite side of your head. Take a section, roll the hair up and away from your face and into a victory roll.

Once you have your second victory roll secure, brush your hair over to one side, take it into one section and wrap around your curling iron. To set the look, curl your ends under and finish with a light holding hairspray!

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