Marine Heroes: Watch Them As They Make Their Transition back To Civilization

Trained To Do The Impossible

We may know a few friends or family members that have been in the Marines or Army. Having them be away is hard enough on their loved ones, but even harder on those who are fighting for their country. While they are away they may right letters or get to squeeze in a call or two letting you know the are fine, but it’s really when they come home things can be a bit difficult.

U.S. vets are trained to do the impossible! Once they commit to finding a career that didn’t involve a gun everyone was just shell shocked. But 27% find re-entry into civilian life difficult. And we would like you to meet the groups helping them to find jobs!

Marines go through rigorous boot camp training both mentally and physically to prepare for active duty. In 2016, 20.9 million American men and women were veterans. Britt is at Camp Pendleton in San Diego to see these Marines transition to civilian lives.

They are taught to treat finding a job just like they do on a mission. It’s a very difficult task, and watching them trying to get the job done is inspiring.

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