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A funny meme that caused so much hysteria that when you went to show your friend you accidentally tossed your phone halfway across the world… let’s be real, we’ve all been there.

Thankfully, the amazing humans at Popsocket created the coolest solution to this destructive problem.

The Popsocket simply sticks to the back of your phone (or your phone case, you do you boo-boo) and extends into a perfect handhold preventing any chance of droppage.

While plenty of phone cases advertise extra grip for your electronic BFF, Popsockets are the least bulky and most fashionable way to gain grip without sacrificing keeping your phone looking good.

With your new steady grip on your phone, you can guarantee clearer and more comfortably taken selfies! Get any angle you need without the fear of dropping your phone, or after a few too many mimosas at brunch when just taking a selfie is a risk to your phone.

The Popsocket is not just limited to creating a solid grip on your phone; it also keeps your headphones organized and detangled right on your phone! Or simply prop your phone sideways and you have a mini theater screening when you’re on the go… or sneak binging the new season of Orange Is The New Black in the office.

With hundreds of designs and the ability to design your own Popsocket, each one will be totally personalized for the user. There is a space cat astronaut design, I’m not trying to pressure you into making a choice that I would make… but when given the opportunity, ALWAYS choose the space cat astronaut.

Remember that.

For all things in life.

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