Sports News: Achieving New Goals

You know what I miss? 90s sports movies. I know sports movies are still a thing, but I’m talking more about the ones aimed toward kids and families. You know, ‘The Mighty Ducks,’ ‘The Sandlot,’ ‘Field of Dreams,’ and all that jazz. If there are still movies like that, then they aren’t very good, because nobody’s talking about them. But I digress.

The reason I miss those movies is that they knew how to incorporate the game into the narrative, and the story was better for it. Yeah, these days you can guess how things are gonna end; the team will stink at first, then they’ll gradually get better, and then there’ll be a big game, and they’ll pull a last minute victory. That kind of narrative only became commonplace after it did well the first few times, though. Maybe this isn’t true anymore, but I think people just enjoy a story about kids (and occasionally adults) working together and achieving things. It’s a nice moral, you know? Even if things seem bad, hard work and perseverance can bring about a happy ending. Or, in the occasional story where the protagonists don’t win in the end, it’s a good lesson about dusting yourself off and trying again. Those old flicks always had something good to teach us.

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